Q1. I can't enter with my new ID and Password.

The subscription was failed.

How to cancel the membership?

Q4. Automatic mail is not delivered to me.

I can't enter with my new ID and Password.

If you can't enter, it might be thought making some mistakes.
We recommend copy & paste to fill the blank of ID and PW, it is better than typing.
Or please check the similar characters. (for example: Big I (i), Small l (L), Number 1)


The subscription was failed.

Try again with your another credit-card.

If you can't registrate, you can send the cash to us by PayPal.
Please send E-mail to us and tell "I want to pay with PayPal."


How to cancel the membership? I want to continue no more.

You can cancel your membership from here at anytime.
(The upper blank is for ID, and the bottom one is for Password, then click the button.)

The cancellation URL is also informed in the automatic mail of

Automatic mail is not delivered to me.

At first, Did you correctly fill in E-mail Address of the application form?

In another case, the problem is your
security level.
Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation problems.
Please confirm the setting of your security level of your mail system.
The domain of our automatic mail is ''.
Please set your mail-security to accept the domain '', for receiving mail from us.

!!! After your application, automatic mail is sent to you at once without fail. !!!

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