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30 days : 30 days = 7,000 JPY. (Recurring 2,000 JPY per every month after the 1st month.)
Recommended for beginners.

1 year :
1 year = 12,000 JPY. (Non-recurring)
Recommended for repeaters. Only 1,000 JPY per 1 month, this plan is reasonable.

Long time: 1 year = 12,000 JPY. (Recurring 8,000 JPY per every year after the 1st year.)
Most inexpensive plan. Only about 660 JPY per 1 month.
If you like our concept and you want to make friendship with us, I recommend this plan for every Wabi-Sabi-Moé lovers.

Attention: '30 days plan' and 'Long time plan' keep recurring automatically until you cancel by yourself.
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If you don't have any credit card,
you can send the cash to us by PayPal.

PayPal system is very easy for all people.
Only your E-mail address is necessary.

If you can use PayPal, please send E-mail to us.

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